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We accept Bitcoins, Bitcoin cash, and Litecoins.

Electronic currencies like Bitcoin attempted to be independent of the banking system and the government. They failed to achieve that goal, but that doesn’t mean electronic currencies will not be part of the future. Bitcoin raised the awareness of the new technologies. The established giants are now looking for ways to make use of digital currencies. We believe the efforts will lead to a revolution in all forms of business.

For many years, banks and start-ups considered each other as threats. The start-ups hoped to totally replace the banking system; the banks hoped to totally stamp out the rising start-up scene. But the fact is the banks have the power, influence, and money, and the start-ups have the technology, innovation, and vision. Now they are starting to see how they can complement each other.

Transferring digital funds is becoming easier with the day by the use of growing technology. Smartphones and tablets make a cold, online transfer of money a more personal one. Many retail stores carry gift cards that can be bought with paper money. You plug a code into an online wallet, and the funds will be transferred to you.

Though not all companies have made the switch, most have taken notice of the quick trend. The New York Times, a newspaper company, is currently looking for third-party affiliates to help host the bitcoin currency. This is just a small example, there is no doubt many more companies are making the switch. Even newly legal pot shops in Washington are beginning to back the Bitcoin as a viable currency.

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